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My name is Esther Morgan. My journey began in a small town of Wiesbaden,Germany. Born of an African American father stationed in the country in the military and a promiscuous single German native mother, I was left in an orphanage. I lived a life of abandonment, isolation, and loneliness until I was later reunited with my father with the assistance of his mother. One would assume the reunion would be joyous, but it resulted in me being raised in a household scarred by mental and physical abuse. As a means of escaping the disappointments and frustrations of my home life during my teen years, I engulfed myself in the Arts engaging in such activities as modern dance and stage plays which became my passion.During this portion of my journey,It was through my faith in Jesus Christ and scriptures such as Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” that encouraged me to pursue and fulfill my destiny in life by presenting stage plays in several states. I learned the true meaning of faith, fortitude, and perseverance which later formed the foundation of my plays. The demonstration of these Christian attributes is expressed in the core of the script of my first film as well.
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I used hard work and a continuous desire to display my ability as a playwright and in 2009 my perseverance paid off with the production of, “The Master Plan” which was performed at my local church to the delight, encouragement, and applause of a packed out audience. From that point I continued to write as I do currently. I knew Gods calling for me was to minister to HIS people by writing plays and making films that offered practical and realistic life stories that people really loved and related to. I have continued to write other plays, the latest of which is, “The Family That Prays Together Stay Together”. And I’ve just completed the script for my first film “Destiny”. I have been married to and supported by my wonderful husband since 1991. We have been actively engaged in ministry and have become assistant pastors of two churches as we moved to different cities over the years. We have raised three beautiful daughters and have three grandchildren. As a commitment to perfecting my craft I have attended film seminars and theater writing classes. Through all of the challenging experiences of my past as well as dealing with the realities of being a wife, mother, and a Christian in a secular world, my faith became stronger and I kept writing material as part of a team and eventually by myself. I have been blessed to delight audiences with a unique brand of spiritual enlightenment and entertainment. I’ve also devoted a portion of my time to ministering to those in need of Gods grace, helping feed the homeless, as well as visiting hospitals to encourage the sick and shut in.I try to practice the belief identified in the Bible. I have acquired many supporters of my work which is a unique blend of spiritual hope and down home humor that continues to shape these inspiring life stories. When you see me you see a woman who has not forgotten about her journey or the people that have helped her along the way. More importantly, through the plays and scripts written you see the redemptive plan of GOD lived out in the characters portrayed.
Esther Morgan

" Changing Lives through the Arts"

Our productions are primarily centered around the conditions of the
human dynamics. We endeavor to present the various ways in which the
human dynamic impacts the way we live, grow and engage each other and
involve ourselves relationally. Our goal is to help schools, homes and
community’s thrive. 

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